rock garden park

The Rock Garden Park is a lot of land owned by Northern Living NY located between the Lakefront Lookout and the Lakeside Retreat on Hadlock Lake. Seeing the opportunity to better the renters' experience at both properties, Northern Living NY made the purchase to build a park. With the purpose of providing activities when the weather is too cold for swimming and other water recreations. Privately owned and reserved only for guests of these two properties, this way you can be assured you have the park all to yourself. There are many fun family activities for all ages. At one end of the park, there is a two-tier swing set with a slide and rock climbing wall. 

A stone border encloses a sandbox at end of the swing set. A geo dome close by will test even the most adventurous in the family. The half-court basketball court comes ready with basketballs and a 10’ hoop. A light above the hoop can extend the game further into the night. When you’re tired out from basketball, challenge your friends to a game of tetherball. Towards the center of the park, a fully enclosed treehouse stands high off the ground. Accessible only from a ladder on one side or a rock climbing wall on the other. The slide out the side will bring you back down to the ground safely. Picnic tables provide a place for outdoor meals in the midst of it all. An official length horseshoe pit will keep the adults occupied. High top stone ledges are conveniently placed nearby for beverages. At the end of the park, closest to the water, a large fire pit is surrounded by seating for up to eight. Grill up a BBQ and relax by the fire into the night. Light posts around the entire premises creates a warm glow that envelopes the whole park. With enough activities to keep everyone busy on the days not quite warm enough to spend in the Lake, the rocky mountain park is nothing short of a hit.


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