The Lakefront Lookout had never been a vacation home. In fact, it was built to be a full-time residence for its owners. The buyer, in looking for a summer vacation home on the water, found the “Lakefront Lookout” as a perfect project home; it needed some work, but the tremendous potential was hard to miss. It had recently been built, but the home’s finishing’s were not up to the new owner’s standards. The plan was to gut everything and start from scratch, not a small project by any means. In need of a management company with the ability to take on the whole project at once, the owners gave Northern Living NY a call. Experienced, professional and ready to take on the project, Northern Living NY was the right fit for the job.


     Having agreed on a game plan, the work began. The walls and ceilings were torn out, leaving just an empty shell to begin the construction.  The bedrooms went ahead quickly. Tossing around plans to extend the half bathroom to a full bathroom was the only slow down. Realizing the lake level would be a better place for an additional bathroom, the idea was scrapped. The Living area and

Lakefront Lookout...recreated

Kitchen had the most extensive work done. Granite countertops were installed over all new kitchen cabinets. The dining room table defines the dining area and makes for a comfortable fare. The floor plan is all wide open, blending the kitchen, living room and dining rooms to create a relaxed family friendly environment.  With views overlooking the lake and access to a large outdoor deck, the indoor space feels double its actual size.


     The game room on the lake level is an extension of the dock and back lawn. Open and fitted with a full bath for ease of access from the lake, the kids can be kept from tracking water and dirt throughout the rest of the house. The bar has a fridge for snacks and cold drinks, keeping the fun close to the water on warm August days. The previous owner had let the lawn grow into a jungle, with a fence blocking access to the water’s edge. Clearing the overgrown brush and removing the fence left a direct path down to the water. The docks were in disrepair, but not in need of total replacement. The deck boards were changed out and finishing with a hardy stain for long-term vitality. A floating dock was also installed 15’ feet beyond the edge of the shore. Rinse off in the outdoor shower before heading in for the night. On the side of the house, just outside the lake level entrance, a firepit was installed for late night family fun, steps from the water. An outdoor table and chairs makes for a pleasant place to eat on the deck above. The patio underneath is fitted with comfortable cushioned seating. Even the dock on the water has reclining lawn chairs and another set of table and chairs. Throughout the home, fine linens and towels elevate the home to true luxury.


     Of all the work that was done, nothing was so drastic as the exterior reclamation. Before, the sight of the back lawn tarnished the dazzling view of the lake. Now, a clear open lawn draws the eye to a picturesque scene of Hadlock Lake. All together the project took no more than a months’ time from start to finish. Available today as a year-round vacation home, the ‘Lakefront Lookout’ continues to thrill its occupants. With adequate space for a group of up to 15, many new memories are made with each renter. Northern Living NY is excited to continue their involvement with this beautiful home as the home manager, preserving the endearing experience for the years to come.

See the finished project here.


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