The Mountain Getaway project took place in May of 2016. The owner came to us with the home completely bare of anything, unfurnished and undercoated. He built the Adirondack style home himself and it was more than just a house in Lake George. His kids grew up there, and it was a place full of memories and far-reaching life events. Since his children had grown up and the home grew too large, he had moved out with the intention of holding on to it, recreating it into a place for others to make their own memories there. And before that, a substantial amount of work and preparation had to be done. Northern Living NY was the perfect means to begin that process, taking all the stress off his shoulders.


     The interior was the biggest and first project to be taken on. It had to be furnished and livable to rent out as a vacation home. Everything from beds and dressers, to wall hangings and living room décor had to be thought of. Before that, all the walls were prepped and painted. The floors and ceilings, made of rustic Adirondack wood, were in great shape and left alone. Blending the rustic exposed wood Architecture with modern interior furnishings was a challenge Northern Living NY eagerly faced. Steering away from classic Adirondack rustic look, a new clean modern feel was adapted. No faded plaid coral colored surfaces were in the plans. Many renters are tired of the look, and a modern elevated interior

Mountain Getaway ...recreated

blended together with the rustic look has become more desirable. This was achieved with authentic materials of wood and leather. The massive solid wood bed in the master is made from old barn posts, finished with a smooth, but textured overcoat. The Living room furniture is cohesive, with boat shaped book shelves that hint of the beach and water. The finest linens and towels elevate the experience of the Mountain Getaway.  


     Having the interior finished and renter ready, the exterior became our next focus. With a plan for shrubs and bushes to fill in the space around the house, work progressed. A dark mulch to contrast the lighter exterior wood siding was laid down. A stone fire pit, a key element of family summer vacations, was installed in the back yard. The back deck, made of soft cedar wood, was refinished and fitted with all new patio furniture. Lastly, some of the driveway shale had washed away, so a fresh layer was hauled in to top it off.


     Finally, the Mountain Getaway was a Vacation Home to behold. On the interior, the bold exposed wood beams were flattered with new modern furnishings. With the Landscaping installed and the deck refinished, the home no longer blended in with its wooded surroundings. The happy homeowner, now ready to lend his cherished home to families and visitors of Lake George, was excited to begin their new adventure.

See the finished project here.


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