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Unexplained Mystery in Lake George

A well-known tourist destination, Lake George offers an endless supply of classic family fun and outdoor recreation in the Adirondack Mountains, but it also provides visitors with a little bit of mystery and lore. In fact, Lake George is home to three mysterious attractions on the Haunted History Trail of New York State – and while we can’t guarantee you’ll see ghosts at Barkeater Chocolates or experience paranormal activity at the Fort William Henry, there’s one spot in Lake George that always delivers on the unexplained.

The Lake George Mystery Spot

Located in the heart of Lake George Village, behind the Lake George Visitor Center at the corner of Canada Street and Beach Road, you’ll find a circular concrete platform, raised up a few steps with a beautiful stone wall and Adirondack chairs. A blue map of Lake George is painted in the center with a compass design created by two metal rails, set in the concrete. It’s here, where the two metal rails intersect, forming a literal “X”, that you can experience a bizarre auditory phenomenon that even science can’t explain.

To try it, simply stand on the “X”, face the lake, and speak into the air. You’ll hear your own voice echo back to you, but no one else will it hear – not even those just a few feet away from you.

Theories & Legends

Some have hypothesized that the echo has something to do with the position of Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains at this particular longitude and latitude. Others have theorized that the echo is caused by your voice bouncing off the curved stone wall in front of you, but this theory doesn’t explain why an echo only results in one specific spot, and not from anywhere else in front of the wall. The most intriguing explanation is based on a legend, which states that a Native American god stood on this spot long ago, and his wisdom continues to echo here today.

Experience the Lake George Mystery Spot for Yourself

Whatever the reason for this odd acoustic phenomenon, the mystery spot is a must-do when you visit Lake George, especially in the fall when Halloween haunts are top of mind.

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