The Lakeside Retreat began its legacy with Northern Living NY as a vacation home named “Hadlock Haven”. Purchased in May of 2017, the new homeowner came to us looking for management of their newly purchased vacation home. Having not been renovated since the 80’s, the Hadlock Haven was well cared for, but overtime had become bland and needed attention. Every renewal option was discussed with the owners, and a complete and total renovation was the best long-term return for their investment. They liked the idea of starting fresh and having a home that was all new and updated. Having only a few weeks before prime-time summer rentals begin, time was very limited! Northern Living NY’s team of contractors, designers and planners were all up for the task. Working through Northern Living NY gave the homeowner unlimited options and ease of mind, working everything through one company. Pushing to finish and wrap up the home within 1 months’ time was a challenge we were all excited to take on!

Lakeside Retreat ...recreated

     Northern Living NY from the beginning was given full control and entrusted with all the specific decision making throughout the entire project. The homeowners chose an initial design concept they liked, with basic color schemes and specific space layouts. They confided in our taste and design expertise to outfit their home tastefully and functionally. After that it was up to our team’s artistic ability to express that design consistently and tastefully throughout the home. This scenario gave rise to boundless potential. We were given complete charge of decorating and furnishing the house; from wall hangings to bedspreads, from kitchen appliances to living room seating layouts; this opportunity would not go to waste.


     The first job was to tear out all the old walls, flooring and furniture and haul it away. That being done, the renovations began. The home was purchased as a 2 bedroom with 1 open loft room, and another sleeping area open to the rest of the lake level living area. With these spaces walled in, the sleeping accommodations would double. The potential was hard to ignore and the easy decision to build out the rooms was made. We picked out a beautiful weathered white (shiplap) wood for the wall material. This created a comfortable, relaxed feel in every room it was used in. On the lake-level, with the Bedroom closed in, an open living space filled the remainder of the floor. A washer and dryer was added as well, with access for renters to use during their stay. The selected flooring throughout the house was, after many hours of looking through different flooring options and styles to match all the wall colors, a LVP (luxury vinyl plank).  Having doubled the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms had to increase as well. Everything having been gutted, the second-floor half bathroom was given a shower to make it a full bathroom. Having all spaces defined, and all the frame work finished, our design team went to work.

     Both new showers were custom built, tiled and elevated with mosaic borders. Glass doors and walls on the showers helped to keep the room open and spacious. In the kitchen, granite counter tops were added with well-appointed stainless-steel appliances. The living area that flows from the kitchen was perfectly edited to fit the ever abundance of sunlight that fills the room. The lake level living space was entirely re-imagined for comfy family movie nights. Our designer’s preference was clean and consistent on each of the 3 levels. Successful execution was a test of our creativity and originality.


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