Get to know Chef Lendell;

I was born and raised in The Bronx, NY with an appreciation for the various cuisines around me.

I began cooking for my mom and sister at a young age and knew early on that culinary arts would be the direction that my life would take.  I left the city and moved to Paul Smiths NY to attend culinary school.  After earning my degree I received my first Executive Chef position in Lake Placid and spent several years working in a resort setting.  My next adventure would bring me to Saratoga Springs where I would shift to the corporate setting and work in healthcare with an emphasis on nutrition and patient care.  Always interested in front of the house and the service experience I have also served in fine dining.  

Throughout my time in hotels, restaurants, and corporate settings, I knew I had more to give.  I was presented with the opportunity to teach Culinary Arts to high school students and it has given me the fulfillment I had always been looking for.  Being a Culinary Arts teacher has allowed me to share my passion and experience with those just starting their careers while also being able to spend more time with my wife and two children.  Your time is precious and LAN Chef allows me to be creative and offer a personalized experience for you and your loved ones.

Customer Quote
I have been enjoying Chef Eaddy's culinary creations for years.  Chef's imagination in the kitchen is second to none and one feels the passion he puts into every dish he serves.  5 Stars for Private

                                                                                                                                                Chef Eaddy "The LAN Chef!"




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